Extend MobilePro with a HEPA filter

Self-cleaning welding fume extractor MobilePro now with HEPA filter

30 October 2020 The MobilePro is #1 choice of our customers. This self-cleaning mobile welding fume extractor for professional welders is designed to remove welding fumes on-site in confined spaces.

Also for spaces that are difficult to reach by fixed welding fume extraction systems, for example in the middle of a workshop or reversely, in an outer corner of a facility, MobilePro can be the flexible solution.

From now on it is possible to extend the MobilePro with a HEPA filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter) cassette. This filter cassette consists of 2 HEPA 14 filters with the filter classification H14 (pass up 0.005% of 0.1 micron particles per liter of air).

The BiCo polyester filter cartridges of the MobilePro are based upon the latest state of the art bi-component technology. This technology makes use of fibers with a difference in melting point between core and surface and thereby guarantees consistent quality and strength which produces a much longer cartridge life. These Plymovent cartridges are 100% polyester and therefore also washable.

The MobilePro features a Ram-AirTM pulse amplifier which provides better cleaning for longer filter cartridge life and lower pressure loss.

This stabile mobile unit is easy to move and is suitable for many welding applications such as MIG, MAG, TIG, GMAW, FCAW and stick electrode welding. The 3 and 4 meter Plymovent extraction arms, KUA and Economy Arm, can be attached to the MobilePro to reach the required length.

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