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Country USA

The challenge

Before the new Equipment Maintenance Operations Center (EMOC) facility was built, Montgomery County’s public mass transit and county Department of Transportation fleet equipment was maintained in an out-of-date, cramped facility. The facility was servicing vehicles using a system from another manufacturer, whose vehicle exhaust equipment was obsolete and inefficient. Workers grabbed hot exhaust pipes with their hands, risking serious injury. Soot and particulate were visible on the walls of the facility, further evidence of harmful conditions.

When the new fleet maintenance facility was designed, special attention was given to providing a spacious, safe, well-lit, environmentally friendly facility. One of the most important objectives was to provide a healthy work area for both the mechanics and office support staff.

Plymovent was selected to furnish and install the vehicle exhaust and welding fume removal systems for the main maintenance building and at another smaller building just up the street.

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