Flex extraction arm | Plymovent

Flexible extraction arm

Flex extraction arm | Plymovent
Flex extraction arm | Plymovent
Flex extraction arm | Plymovent
  • For low to standard number of position changes
  • Easy/light operation
  • Reach from 2 up to 4 m
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The Flex arm offers a solution for a wide range of welding areas. The arm consists of two fixed, impact-resistant synthetic components, with the EasyLift system incorporated in the hinges. This ensures easy movement of the extraction arm.

The Flex is available in arms from 2 up to 4 m in length and has an extraction capacity of 600 - 1600 m3/h. The Flex arm can be combined with a FAN-28 fan. The Flex is suitable for both mobile and stationary welding fume extraction systems.

  • EasyLift system unlocks friction system of the arm middle hinge and allows light friction-fee lifting of the arm
  • RotaHood 360 degree friction free rotatable extraction hood for easy positioning
  • Light impact resistant industrial plastic tubes
  • Standard Ø 200 mm smooth tubes to allow high capacity against low pressure drop
Recommended for
  • Maintenance and production welding
  • Workbench applications

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