The Bucket Shop

At the TBS manufacturing facility they produce their own HiPER brand line of cast lip and heel assemblies for mining equipment,
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Segment Heavy industry
Country Canada

The challenge

The Bucket Shop (TBS) moved into their multi-million-dollar new facility in 2017, which includes an industry leading research and manufacturing area as well as state-of-the-art solutions in industrial clean air systems. At TBS, they combine both “Push-Pull & Source Capture Technology”. In most if not all industries, production output ranks the highest on any business owner’s priority chart. In the case of TBS, clean air and worker safety ranks just as highly. While planning and designing of their new facility, the air quality system had to be configured for 27 welding stations, a 100’ long plasma cutting table, and multiple sources for grinding and torch cutting.


The solution

After successfully being granted this project over many bidders, Plymovent got right to work with the task at hand. Right from the projects inception, our sales and engineering department were in constant communication with all of The Buckets Shops resources: the TBS principals, mechanical & structural engineers, architects, electrical, and general contractors, etc. Plymovent supplied a complete “turn-key” package to the client which included engineering services, product supply, mechanical installation, and electrical hook up. System balancing, testing, and commissioning were conducted all upon completion to ensure all was as per plan. Our project scope revolved around the main production areas. The Heavy Bay, the Large Middle Bay, and the Small Middle Bay. Each one of the these areas were addressed with a combination of technology principles. Both “Push- Pull and Source Capture” ventilation concepts were used in the “Middle Bays” while the “Source Capture” concept is used exclusively in the Heavy Bay.


Advantage of the Push-Pull system

The beauty of using a push-pull system in conjunction with source capture system is that whatever is not being collected at the source due to the extractors range and accessibility, is readily captured and filtered by the Push- Pull Systems and its laminar air currents. It’s the best of both worlds!



» Plymovent partnered with us to design a solution that met the needs of
our industrial facility. They also supported a second dedicated system
that was part of our new training environment. They will be top of mind
for any future requirements. As such we endorse their performance,
expertise, and value for any company needing professional support for
the design and implementation of a system that creates a healthier
workplace environment. ‹‹
Quote by: Mr. Paul Woodward, Vice President of The Bucket Shop

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