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Rail systems

Mini Rail Profile (MRP)

The Mini Rail Profile (MRP) system is an exhaust extraction system for emergency service stations and other facilities with confined spaces and/or low ceilings.

  • Provides an economic solution for long back-in bays
  • Energy efficient system
  • Fully automatic

Mini Rail Profile (MRP) is the preferred rail system for fire, ambulances and vehicle repair facilities

The Mini Rail Profile Fire (MRP-Fire) system is designed for fire and emergency systems to connect to a vehicle's tailpipe to capture and remove virtually 100% of exhaust emissions. MRP is fully automatic, from the fan activation to the automatic nozzle release from the exiting vehicle. It is easy to use with only a one-step connection to the system as the vehicle enters the facility.

The MRP is fully automatic, can accommodate up to two vehicles in tandem but can be engineered to accommodate more if need be.

MRP features a square rail profile and an internal crab trolley that runs inside the rail.

Recommended for


  • Military facilities
  • Automobile plants
  • Department of Transportation facilities
  • Motorcycle/ATV garages
  • Fleet service & repair bays
  • Agricultural equipment facilities
  • Bus depots

Fire & EMS

  • Fire stations
  • EMS stations
  • ARFF stations
  • Municipal fire stations
  • Military fire stations


  • Perfect for smaller apparatus bays
  • Provides an economic solution for long back-in bays
  • Energy efficient system
  • Easy to use
  • Captures virtually 100% of exhaust emissions
  • Fully automatic
  • Standard design accommodates up to 2 vehicles in tandem

How The Mini Rail Profile (MRP) system works

The Mini Rail Profile Fire (MRP-F) is an automatic, magnetic exhaust gas extraction system designed for the exhaust extraction of fire and rescue vehicles with low level, undercarriage exhaust tailpipes. The system is used to remove harmful vehicle exhaust emissions from the facility by capturing and removing the exhaust at the emission source, the tailpipe.

As the vehicle exits the facility, the trolley moves along to the end of the rail. The balancer locking cable secures that the Magnetic Grabber® is disconnected from the tailpipe outside the building.

Where the MRP is used

The rail is installed overhead along the service bays next to the fire apparatus and is connected to an exhaust fan. The internal crab is equipped with the proven concept of lower, -mid and upper hose combined with a nozzle and can be positioned at any service bay where extraction is needed.

Optimal and efficient extraction

The MRP can accommodate up to two vehicles in tandem but can be engineered to accommodate more if needed, thereby providing optimal extraction efficiency and an energy-efficient system. Exhaust emissions are vented to the outside through the rail system, typically through a single outlet.

TÜV SÜD certified product

The Mini Rail Profile (MRP) is available in 2 versions. The Mini Rail Profile Pneumatic (MRPP) and Mini Rail Profile Magnetic (MRPM). Both versions are certified by TÜV SÜD for safety and the production locations were monitored in Troisdorf (Germany) and Lamphun (Thailand).

A rail system alone, won't do much!

The Mini Rail Profile can be attached to a combination of the following products:

Exhaust hoses:





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MRP-5,8 MRP-2,9
Aluminium profile Length 5,8m and 2,9m
Rail Splice
RSL-X Low friction
Low friction rubber seal
Closed end stop
Duct connection Ø125mm and end stop
Trolley Ø100mm
Mounting Tool
Hose Storage
Rubber Nozzle with vise grip
Hose Length 5m
Duct connection Ø200mm


Belt 512616
Damper for balancer
Damper for hook

Physical dimensions and properties

6-18m (20´-60`)
Rail material:
Extruded aluminum
Rubber seal:
EPDM-Rubber with low friction material
Heat resistance 150º C (300º F)
Diameter: 100mm (4”), length 5m (16ft)
Internal (with bearings).
Rubber with CO-outlet and vise grip.
Optional 7-14kg lifting power, ratchet and 3m cord.


This is used to mount the SBT-SL support leg profile to the ceiling of your workshop. The suspension plate is adjustable for angled ceilings to adjust the pitch to vertical. Comes in sets to mount one support length.
This is used to mount the SBT-SL support leg profile to the wall of your workshop. The horizontal slide plate will allow adjustment away from or closer to the wall. Comes in sets for mounting one support suspension.
This is an aluminium profile, extremely strong but light-weight for easy mounting. The profile comes in 5.8 m/19 ft and is cut to fit your application. Is sold by the piece or in packs of 24 pcs for large jobs
The SBT-SBK is designed to work with the SBT-SL profile to eliminate side movement of support legs. Comes in three lengths (430 mm/17”, 710 mm/28” or 1830 mm/72”) to handle any ceiling height or angle.


Plymovent has developed a wide range of exhaust hoses in cooperation with a European hose manufacturer.
Plymovent has a wide range of fans for any application and air volume needed.
Plymovent has a wide range of nozzles for different types of tail pipes.
Plymovent has different types of intelligent control system to get the best function and flexibility out of your exhaust extraction

Selection guide

Choose length of rail
The rail is available in 2,9 m (MRP-2,9) and 5,8 m (MRP-5,8)
Choose length of rubber seal
For each meter of rail, you need the double length of rubber seal. The rubber seal (RSL-X) is delivered in the length you need. For easy installation use the tool (TRS-00)
Choose number of rail splice
The rail splice (MRP-S) joins two rails.
Choose suspensions
We recommend maximum 5 m between suspensions
Choose number of trolleys
For each trolley you need the trolley itself (MIC-100), hose (EH-PV-100-5), nozzle (REG-100-115) and hose storage (MRP-HS).
Choose hose storage
As an alternative to hose storage (MRP-HS) you can have a balancer (BRL-300) and a suspension belt. Plymovent also offers a range of different hoses and nozzles for a variety of applications. Contact us for more information. Automatic Dampers are available for both “hose storage” (MRP-HS) and “balancer” (BRL-300). MRP-HS = MRP-D BRL-300 = MRP-BD
Choose duct connection
Choose between top connection (RRDC-200) or end connection (MRP-CE125). For 1 or 2 trolleys you can use end or top connection. Use top connection for 3 trolleys. For larger installations, please, contact PlymoVent.
Choose number of end stops
You need one end stop (MRP-EC) if you have end connection and two if you have top connection.
Choose fan
Recommended air volume for car and LCV repair shops is 360 m3/h. With this air volume you select a Plymovent fan as below:
Numbers of trolleys: Fan
1: FUA 1300
2: FUA 2100
3: TEV 585

Mini Rail Profile Brochure EN


Mini Rail Profile Product Data Sheet EN

Product data sheet

Mini Rail Profile Manual EN


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Sliding Balancer Track (SBT)

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The Sliding Balancer Track (SBT) has set the standard for exhaust extraction of fire and emergency vehicles around the world. SBT is the preferred rail system for back-in applications.

Straight Rail (STR)

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Vehicle Square Rail with External Crab (VSRX)

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The Vertical Stack Rail (VSR) is the solution for vehicles that have top exhaust and need to move through a garage or station.

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