The motorised hose reel for light and heavy-duty vehicle workshops


The motorised hose reel (MER) is designed to retract the hose with the assistance of a high-torque electrical motor. We recommend this hose reel for use in light and heavy duty vehicle workshops where hoses and nozzles can be heavy and overhead cranes are used.

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The MER is the ideal solution for light and heavy duty vehicle workshops. Whether you service trucks, buses or construction off-road vehicles this is the right choice. With workshops where high ceilings and heavy high temperature hoses are the norm, the strength of the MER gives you every possibility for storing large and heavy exhaust extraction hoses.


Easy to operate

Trouble-free operation is provided through the use of a gear motor drive system which allowing maximum lifting capacity to handle any exhaust hose and nozzle. Whether you choose a wall-mounted control unit, pendulum controls or even radio control, the motorised hose reel is easy to use and enables extraction of hazardous exhaust gases.


Efficient exhaust extraction

The heavy-duty design of the MER can cope with any vehicle application. With sufficient power margin it is built to be a reliable performing hose reel you can count on to function whenever you need it. With a number of options you can determine the complexity of your system to suit your budget, always ensuring that the hazardous exhaust gases do not represent a risk for persons in the workshop.

  • Easy to operate
  • Efficient exhaust extraction

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