MHR | Motorised Hose Reel | Plymovent

The motorized hose reel for normal and light-duty vehicle workshops

MHR | Motorised Hose Reel | Plymovent
MHR | Motorised Hose Reel | Plymovent

The newly designed motorised hose reel (MHR) is designed to fully retract the hose with the assistance of an electric motor. We recommend this hose reel for use in general and light duty vehicle workshops with a low ceiling where overhead cranes are used.

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If your workshop has a high ceiling to accommodate larger vehicles, you will need hose reels that can wind the hose all the way back on the reel. With no hoses hanging down you can also operate other appliances in the workshop such as cranes or lifts. With the hose out of the way it also limits potential damage to vehicles or personnel.


Easy to operate

A number of control devices are available if you want a problem-free exhaust extraction system. Whether you choose a wall-mounted control unit, pendulum controls or even radio control, the motorised hose reel is easy to use and enables extraction of hazardous exhaust gases.


Efficient exhaust extraction

Whether you install a single hose reel with fan attached or a number of hose reels with a control system, the motorised hose reel offers an efficient exhaust solution. With a number of options you can determine the complexity of your system to suit your budget, always ensuring that the hazardous exhaust gases do not represent a risk for persons in the workshop.


New motor

The heart of the MHR features a new type of motor, a tubular motor which sits in the center of the hose drum. The motor compartment in the reel leg is sealed off with a branded service hatch, to protect electrical components but still accommodate easy service. The MHR comes in 850 and 1050 mm drum width, and can be supplied with an optional automatic valve.

  • Easy to operate
  • Efficient exhaust extraction

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