The retractable hose drop


The single hose drop (FE) is a simple and economic solution when you have to extract exhaust gases and cover more than one service bay while using a central extraction system. We recommend this application for small workshops with limited available space.

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The FE hose drop is the right choice if you need exhaust extraction but have limited space. With the extraction hose connected direct either to the ductwork or a fan (in the case of the FEF) you have an easy but efficient system in use.


Easy to operate

The hose is very lightweight and easy to handle. The balancer supports you in this operation and keeps the hose in position when locked. When you are ready the hose is easy to store on the wall hose storage-holder.


Efficient exhaust extraction

The basic design of the FE and FEF can cope with any vehicle application. With a number of options you can determine the complexity of your system to suit your budget, always ensuring that the hazardous exhaust gases do not represent a risk for persons in the workshop.

  • Easy to operate
  • Efficient exhaust extraction

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