High temperature double ply exhaust hose


The SNF2 hose is a light-weight, high-temperature, double ply exhaust hose that is ideally suited for Plymovent hose reels and fixed extractor units, and can endure exhaust gas temperatures of up to 288°C (550°F) continuous.
-Available only in North America-

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The SNF2 hose is designed to extract hazardous fumes generated by gasoline and diesel engines. It is a light-weight, double ply exhaust hose that is ideally suited for Plymovent hose reels or fixed extractor units. SNF2 can endure high temperatures of up to 288°C (550°F) continuous. Intermittently, the SNF2 hose can endure 677°C (1250°F), provided fresh air is supplied.

Properties of the SNF2 exhaust hose

Hose wall is composed of double-ply fabric with an iron oxide silicone coated fiberglass inner layer and a silicone coated Nomex® outer layer. The external helix is made up of a spring steel wire and an external filament fiberglass cord.

Product combinations

In combination with the hose reels and hose drops of Plymovent you can compose the exhaust extraction system that is exactly right for your facility. The SNF2 exhaust hose can be combined with the nozzles MEN, REN, REC and REG to attach the hose to your vehicles.

  • Vibration resistant
  • Flame-resistant to UL94 criteria
  • Compression ratio is 5:1
  • Nomex® fabric material increases flexibility, material life and abrasion resistance
  • Internal spring steel wire helix allows for a tight bending radius while maintaining a smooth interior
  • Ideal for situations which call for flexing, as with hose reels and fixed extractor systems
  • Resistant to most oils, solvents, ozone, water, fungus and alkalis
Recommended for
  • Heavy-duty vehicle workshops
  • Public works service garages
  • Mass transit service facilities
  • Fleet maintenance facilities
  • Vocational technical schools

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