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The flexible exhaust rail system for fire, EMS and vehicle repair

MRP | Mini Rail Profile | Plymovent
MRP | Mini Rail Profile | Plymovent
MRP | Mini Rail Profile | Plymovent
MRP | Mini Rail Profile | Plymovent

The Mini Rail Profile (MRP) system is an exhaust extraction system for emergency service stations and other facilities with confined spaces and/or low ceilings.

-This system will only be available utilizing our Magnetic Grabber nozzle.-

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The Mini Rail Profile Fire (MRP-Fire) system is designed for fire and emergency systems to connect to a vehicles tail pipe to capture and remove virtually 100% of exhaust emissions. MRP is fully automatic, from the fan activation to the automatic nozzle release from the exiting vehicle. It is easy in use with only a one-step connection to the system as the vehicle enters the facility. Accommodates up to two vehicles in tandem. MRP features a square rail profile and an internal crab trolley that runs inside the rail. This system will only be available as a magnetic version.


How The Mini Rail Profile (MRP) system works

The Mini Rail Profile Fire (MRP-F) is an automatic, magnetic exhaust gas extraction system designed for the exhaust extraction of fire and rescue vehicles with low level, undercarriage exhaust pipes. The system is used to remove harmful vehicle exhaust emissions from the facility by capturing and removing the exhaust at the emission source, the exhaust pipe.

As the vehicle exits the facility, the trolley moves along to the end of the rail. The balancer locking cable secures that the magnetic grabber is disconnected from the tailpipe outside the building.


Where is the MRP used

The Mini Rail Profile Fire (MRP-F) system is an exhaust extraction system especially suitable for confined spaces for first responders, especially with low ceilings, with an extruded aluminium rail and an internal crab. The rail is installed overhead along the service bays next to the fire apparatus and is connected to an exhaust fan. The internal crab is equipped with the proven concept of lower, -mid and upper hose combined with the Magnetic Grabber and can be positioned at any service bay where extraction is needed.


Optimal and efficient extraction

The total number of trolleys is limited to two (2) apparatus, thereby providing optimal extraction efficiency and an energy efficient system. Exhaust emissions are vented to the outside through the rail system, typically through a single outlet. 

  • Perfect for smaller apparatus bays!
  • Provides an economic solution for long back-in bays
  • Can service up to two (2) apparatus per rail
  • Standard options up to sixty five (65) feet in length
  • Energy efficient system
Recommended for

To eliminate hazardous vehicle exhaust emissions with our vehicle exhaust capture and removal systems for the following segments: fire and emergency service station but also for vehicle repair shops.


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