Hose Reel on Rail | Plymovent

Flexible and efficient exhaust extraction

Hose Reel on Rail | Plymovent
Hose Reel on Rail | Plymovent
Hose Reel on Rail | Plymovent

Our Hose Reel on Rail (HRR) is ideal for service centers in which multiple bays are positioned and storage of the hose is preferred.

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HRR combines the Plymovent SER hose reel and unique crab/trolley system to move the hose and nozzle along the Plymovent VSR rail, so multiple bays can be served.

The trolley travels outside of the rail profile, and the trolley duct opens the rubber seal lips within the profile. Typically the exhaust fan for these systems is mounted remotely and connected to the top of the rail in one or multiple locations along the rail, using galvanized steel duct.

  • Ideal for use in facilities with multiple bays
  • Operators can slide the hose reel left or right easily to the desired location
  • Convenient storage of the exhaust extraction hose
  • Maximum load 34 kg (75 lbs) (Dual spring)
Recommended for
  • Public works garages
  • Auto-service centers
  • Fleet maintenance facilities
  • Vo-tech schools

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