Truck Side Adapter | Plymovent

Suitable for EURO 6 tailpipe configurations

Truck Side Adapter | Plymovent
Truck Side Adapter | Plymovent
Truck Side Adapter | Plymovent
Truck Side Adapter | Plymovent

The Truck Side Adapter (TSA) is a vehicle exhaust removal nozzle suitable for EURO 6 tailpipe configurations. With the complementary docking station the magnetic handle can be connected to any surface. 

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Fire vehicles that comply to EURO 6 regulations often have a unique tailpipe design in order to diffuse the high exhaust temperatures. These vehicles can now be connected to any existing exhaust extraction system.

Plymovent pneumatic system by using the truck side adapter. The lower hose and nozzle can be positioned to different tailpipe configurations by the use of a spring steel adjustable rod that is positioned inside the lower hose.

The magnetic adapter uses a rare earth magnet that is easy to connect to any surface and disconnects automatically when the vehicle exits the station by use of a pneumatic cylinder. This TSA setup ensures extraction even after power failure.

  • Suitable for EURO 6 tailpipe configurations
  • Uses a rare earth magnet to avoid electrical installation
  • Automatic pneumatic disconnect
  • Can be retrofitted to any existing Plymovent pneumatic system
Recommended for
  • Fire stations

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